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All Things That Every Freelancer Should Know

In the past several years, freelancing has skyrocketed in popularity as a work option. Talented professionals can work from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, taking on projects for a variety of different clients and companies. But landing freelance gigs isn’t always a simple task. Here are 10 things all potential and current […]

Some Tips for Retaining Customers

Smart businesses know that it costs less to retain existing customers than it does to acquire new ones. That’s why so many brands are focused on loyalty marketing — campaigns designed specifically to bring in repeat business and referrals. But it’s not enough to just send out a generic, “Hey, come back!” email to previous […]

Some Tips for Reducing Startup Costs

One of the biggest concerns for new entrepreneurs is startup costs. Even if you’re not renting a retail space for your business, there are still other bills to be paid before you start seeing a profit. While most business owners plan for these expenses, many don’t anticipate just how many extra costs they’ll encounter along […]

Avoid These Key Mistakes When Starting a Freelance Business

With the rise of the gig economy, small businesses of all trades are shifting toward a larger percentage of freelancers. No matter what your expertise, there are likely opportunities for contract work. Rather than working the traditional 9-to-5, professionals reap the benefits of tackling assignments on a per-project pay basis. As a new freelancer, you […]