Steve Sorensen Advises On Customer Retention Techniques

Unquestionably, in business success the necessity of client retention is a crucial factor. The endeavor demands lots of hard work, honest support and diligence to let existing and old clients knocking you back for services. Regardless of whether, you are operating in the market online or with offline stores; it’s significant that you put your best efforts to keep your valuable clients satisfied at all times and at any cost to flourish your business access. In most cases, it is found that the way small business persons to big companies focus on client services initially, after the deal or afterward this good aptitude changes significantly. In other words, as a budding business person, if you want the valuable referrals of your present and old clients as well as their retention in your business, keep in mind that maintaining consistency in customer services is the best mechanism and marketing tool.

Steve Sorensen, at present, operating as the President of Enlighten360, one of the leading business consultancy and human resource development specialist group, strongly believes that existing clients are your biggest business assets. They continually coming back to you for services provided you keep them satisfied by different means and techniques. Retention of old customers makes your business foundation rock-solid and you attain stable sales all the year round even with numbers of competitors in the market. In the competitive market, no company can expect to retain all their clients, however, putting in best efforts can truly help you get some of them in your way and that base becomes your loyal customers.

Getting these customers help in long term business success. In different behavioral studies, it is found that customers like those business house that understand their need better. This offers them a different kind of satisfaction of being documented, which you can gain easily just by spending a little more time.  Make an organized plan to meet your existing and old customers once in a month, sit with them and hear from your customers. With this, as you can get many feedbacks, this becomes a survey while you can get lots of information about their future planning and in connection with your competitor’s presence.

Listening to their expectations from you and your team also helps you great to prepare your future customer service plan. Offering seasonal gifts especially during the festive times or in the New Year make a great bonding with your old and existing customer. Always give importance to their calls, even if that might be for a negligible reason or service. According to Steve Sorensen that anticipatory customer service carries a great value in your business. Backed by anticipatory sales and service strategy, your team can foresee different things like, special product features offered by rival companies or troubles that may occur in your supplied devices. You can immediately take necessary action on this depending upon the situation.

Mr. Steve has been functioning in the industry for nearly three decades. His high profile client list includes major multinational houses like Microsoft, Graybar Electric, Oracle, Busch, Charles Schwab and more. He has deep insight in marketing strategy formulation, manpower resource development advisory and in all kinds of business consultancy.

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